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A Tribute To The Kind Donors & Families Who Have Donated

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support in me and as usual, I will donate part of your Fengshui fees paid to me on a half yearly or yearly basis. For this round, it will be for those who engaged my services from June to December 2009. Although it is September now, those who engage my services after this donation will be included in the donations for next year January to June 2010.

Please note that for this round, I have donated $1000 to a person by the name of Jason Keong, his daughter has met some mishaps recently and was admitted to hospital in Malaysia for operations. There is no receipt for this donation and it is not necessary because it is meant to help him and not for any tax rebates for my company.

She is only 2 months plus old and had already gone through 2 times of head operations. I have attached some photos here. The operation fees had cost the family a bomb and they needed cash urgently to re-pay the operations and hospitalization fees owned to friends. Currently, his daughter is unable to see due to the operations and may need to go for another operation for the eyes.

Please feel free to go this link to understand more about his daughter’s situation and the latest developments. If you wish to help him in any way that you can, please go to the link for his phone number and contact him directly. I will not be collecting any money on his behalf because I don’t know Jason in person; I just got to know of his situation in this online forum.

Photos of his daughter taken from the forum: