A Tribute To The Kind Donors & Families Who Have Donated


Tianlu Geomancy Pte Ltd has been making yearly donations purely based on our company’s practice since the year 2008 by using part of the Fengshui Fees that they paid to us to engage our services. We wish to thank all our customers for their trust and support. Most importantly, we want to accumulate and transfer all these good merits to our customers and their families.

This year, we have focused our donations for 2 temples, the first temple is Pu Ti Temple for the purchase of medicines for the patients who visit the temple’s Free Clinic and the second temple is Tian Kong & Kancanarana Buddhist Temple for the Building Fund used for the current renovation project and extension of the temple.

Please refer to the photos for more information about the Free Clinic at Pu Ti Temple as well as the ongoing renovation project at Tian Kong & Kancanarana Buddhist Temple.

Our sincere thanks to the persons in the name list; they are our customers who had engaged our Fengshui Services in 2019. We have done the reflection of merits according to the Name List.

We are not any Charitable Company and we do not ask for any donations from the public. Those who wish to do their parts in donations can contact the Temples directly to understand more in details.

Wishing everyone great Health and Wealth.

May all Sentient Beings be blessed with Great Compassion and Loving Kindness.