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We specialise in providing Tian Lu selection, cleansing and placement services. In the olden days, Tian Lu(天禄)/Pi Xiu (貔貅) was devoted as guardian of the fortune, and placed in palaces (镇中土) and homes of high officials because of its ability to drive away evil and bring good luck. It was also used as a symbol to boost the morale and fighting spirits of the soldiers during the warring states. It is very loyal and obedient in nature that is known to protect its master with their lives.

The usefulness of a Tian Lu /Pi Xiu (貔貅):

  1. Once you own a Tian Lu/ Pi Xiu (貔貅), it will protect you with its life because you are his owner. It is a very powerful fortune and wealth enhancer because it can summon fortune and find helpful persons for their master.
  2. It generates good feng shui and can guard your house and family members from evil spirits or catastrophe and also ensures good health to everyone in the house.
  3. It will also ward off evil and wicked people who intend to harm you or your family. It also helps you through obstacles and hard times in life.
  4. It is a symbol of authority and power, thus you will enjoy the same status and influence when you place it at an auspicious position on your office desk.
  5. It does not have an anus, so whatever good fortune that it absorbs in will be trapped in the stomach for your use. None of the good fortune will be lost once it is into its stomach.
  6. It not only pleases the Grand Duke of Jupiter/Tai Sui (太岁) but also helps you to ward off many different types of Sha Qi 煞氣including those Sha moving around in the yearly Flying Star Chart – 九官飞星
  7. You can also carry a small one with you especially when you work in places with negative energies, have frequent traveling or going for business talks.

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