Helping the Needy

A Tribute To The Kind Donors & Families Who Have Donated

Charles Michael Loh & family
Chung Wing Ming & family
Gan Cheok Sinn Irving & family
Koh Aik Cheng & family
Lim Eng Kwee & family
Peter Amos Chua & family
Sam Wee & family
Sim Keng Hua & family
Sin Boon Ken & family
Tiong Zhi Yuan Justin & family
V Raja & family
Yeap Chun Kit & family
Cheong Hsueh Wen & family
CTES Trading & Engineering Sdn Bhd
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Lee Kian Keong & family
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Peter Chau Chen Hung & family
Sharon Wee I Ling & family
Sim Eng Wah & family
Soh Cheng Yong & family
Toh Song Lim & family
Wan Yip Soon & family
Tian Lu Geomancy & Trading

Dear Friends,

Since 2010, we have helped countries such as Sri Lanka, Japan and Thailand with our little efforts to do our part for those suffering from natural disasters as well as to provide basic needs for the less fortunate. I am very happy that we have no urgent needs to send any donations to other countries, because this means that there are not much nasty disasters happening since early 2012. It is a blessing for peace to the world. I am even happier to have found Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, situated at No 1 Thomson Lane, Singapore 297728. Tel 62568502 or 62548942.

When I called the person in charged, they were very happy if we could help them by providing medical supplies to the Aunties and Uncles staying in the home. After receiving a list of what was needed, we proceeded to arrange with the medical supplier. I went down to the home to receive and handover the supplies to the person in charged. We even had a tour of the home and also a chat. To my surprise and delight, the home was taken care of by Mr Kim and supported by Ms Helena. Mr Kim is the grandson of Mdm Lee Ah Mooi and he is only 25 years old. I am deeply touched by his kind heart and great efforts to keep the place in good condition for the 110 elderly folks staying there. Mr Kim told me that he will try his best to continue running this home and making it as comfortable as possible for the residents there.

My sincere thanks to all of you who have engaged our services, thus, giving us an opportunity to donate part of the earnings, we would not have all these without the kind support from everyone. Thank you very much for the continuous support and we will try our best to help whoever we can, for as long as we can. It is my greatest dream to create a spark in anyone who is reading this and proceed to help many others around us. We don’t have to donate big amount to show that we care, every dollar and cents, even just a simple task of helping some senior citizens to carry heavy stuffs or cross the road will make a difference in a person’s life, as long as you help with your kind heart.