Helping the Needy

A Tribute To The Kind Donors & Families Who Have Donated

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Tan Boon San & Family
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Teo Soon Heng & Family

Dear Friends,

Another disaster has hit the world shortly after we have donated to the victims of the Tsunami in Japan, Tian Lu Geomancy & Trading has donated a total amount of 48,500 Baht = $2030 SGD to our business partner in Bangkok in order to help all those who have suffered from the recent severe flooding there. The money will be used for buying food / water supplies and others so that those who are badly affected will have at least something to comfort them through this tough period.

Our Thai business partner went to buy items such as rice, flashlight, milk, milk powder for babies, sanitary napkins and ingredients for cooking food. The food was prepared early in the morning at about 4am, packed into around 1000 packets. The items were delivered to a contact in the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade in Thailand and also booked 03 boats in order for the soldiers to help distribute all the items to victims directly.

Due to the high level of water at Ayudthaya ,Prathumthani ,Nonthaburi province, my partners were unable to follow the soldiers to help distribute the items. Thus they depended on the soldiers and the rented boats. All the items were successfully distributed to all the needy within the same day on 01/11/2011. Although our items are not enough for all the victims, we are very happy that we were able to ease their pain and agony, even if it is just by providing a meal to them, which can mean live and death. The people of Thailand thank everyone for their kind hearts and souls.

These are the names of the people who have engaged our serivces thus making this donation possible. All these names will be sent to a Thai temple for blessing, thanks giving and merits. Thank you all for making it possible to help others once again!!