Since the founding of our company, we have been using a portion of our customers’ Fengshui fees for donations to the Needy throughout the years. We are doing this because we want to share good merits with all our customers who had supported us by engaging our services.

The Name List of all the customers who had engaged our Fengshui services in the year 2018 has been given to the Abbot of the temple for reflection of good merits. Total amount spent for buying all the items is about 90,000 Baht. This amount is excluding other expenses incurred throughout the entire trip.

Our donation event on February 2019 was very successful with the kind help from our Thai brother and sister!!! This temple known as “Thammawat Don Jan” situated in Chiang Mai, houses more than 700 orphans ranging from a few years old to about 17 years old. Once the kids reached the age of 18, they are free to leave the temple to find a job outside or remain to assist the temple to take care of the other kids.

We asked the Abbot of the temple and he told us that they needed a few portable speakers to the Monks and Volunteer Teachers to teach the children daily. They also needed lots of food supplies for their daily meals. Thus, we met up with the Volunteers who guided us to all the places for the purchase of all the necessary items. We also had a chance to sponsor their lunch and it was very meaningful for us to be able to participate in distributing the food to all these kids!!! They are very young and can eat a lot because they are in the stage of growing up.

The food served to them was really the bare minimal!!! Imagine 7000 Baht per meal to feed 700 over kids!!! What more can they get??? We felt really heart pain to see them eat such food, but it is not easy to provide a good meal for so many children.
Sincere thanks once again to our Thai brother and sister for driving down all the way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, their contributions, coordination and efforts to make this event a great success.

We also hope to motivate and encourage all those who are capable of helping the Needy to do it on their own as well. The temple has been receiving donations from all over the world since they went on FB. We are very happy that we can also do our parts here. Those who wish to do any donations can also contact the Temple directly to understand more in details.

May all Sentient Beings be blessed with Compassion and Loving Kindness.