Helping the Needy

A Tribute To The Kind Donors & Families Who Have Donated

Ang Keng Tong & family
Au Yeung Looi Sing Jeffrey & family
Cheam Chee Chian & family
Chee Fook Sing & family
Chua Jin Sen & family
Chua Soon Leong & family
Chung Siew Wai & family
Han Tze Kwang & family
Janis Ho Swee Hon & family
Kevin Tan Ee Sheng & family
Lee Hak Min & family
Lee Lian Hong & family
Li Yong Da Joseph & family
Lim Kheng Hong Nicholas & family
Lim Soon Yuen & family
Loh Kia Thye & family
Low Tong Hoi & family
Lum Kwan Chu & family
Ng Ong Hock Jonathan & family
Ng Swee Keat & family
Ong Cheong Seng Jason & family
Ong Choo Teow Harry & family
Ong Yan Lin & family
Primac Engineering Pte Ltd
Sazali Bin Abdul Aziz & family
Sim Eng Huat & family
Tan Kok Yang & family
Tan Kwang Yong & family
Tan Wee Kim & family
Tang Bee Teck & family
Teh Meng Gwo & family
Wong Chia Li & family
Wong Shih Shen & family
Yong Koon Huat & family
Poh Lay Tin
Tian Lu Geomancy & Trading

Dear Friends,

Once again, Tian Lu Feng Shui has activated $3000 to fund the donation project for the monks at the temple and also to buy stationery items etc, for the children in Sri Lanka. When you engage my Fengshui services, part of the fees paid to me has automatically be added into a fund for donation every 6 months, thus your names are in the list for the donation. Thank you very much for your support in me in order for me to make all these events possible!! This donation will include some of those who engaged my Feng Shui services from September 2009 until June 2010.

It has been a long and tedious process, the planning stage started early this year, from gathering of resources, travelling to Malacca to one of the team member’s house because purchasing and packing of items plus shipment there is much cheaper than in Singapore.

The namelist was printed out and sent to Sri Lanka for the Chief Abbot at the temple for their prayers of merits and blessings to the donors for their kind contributions.

You can see the joy of the children receiving the items as well as the donors who made all these possible.

It was not an easy task for all of them because they had to travel to different locations every day, spending a few hours just to go to different schools, temples and other homes for the disabled to deliver the items. Luckily, they had the drivers who helped them in the loading and unloading. Most of the members in the team are ladies and children.

Some times, they were required to be bare footed during the rituals and had to walk to the temple, the stones and pebbles on the ground can be quite a challenge for Singaporeans to walk bare footed, not to mention the hot cement ground after entering the temple during day time. However, nobody complained, everyone was happy because it is their heart to participate in all these events. Some tourists that met the team there decided to join in this ritual and make the number of donors even more!!

The team who went there spent their own time and effort, donated parts of their own earnings as well as purchasing, packing and travelling there to fulfill this wonderful event. Our donation was only a small part of this event and with all the combined donations; we were able to do lots of wonders for the people there.

The ones who benefited most will be the children, it is good to start by exposing them to all these events at a young age. To let them understand that life is not always a bed of roses for everyone… while they are complaining to get the latest version of the entertainment gadgets or choosing what kind of food to eat here in Singapore, there are many others in some countries who are starving to death or might not even have a pair of shoes to wear when they go to school. That is when they have a chance to go to school in the first place.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the donors for their kind donations and efforts to make this donation trip a successful one. All the names of the donors had be read by the Chief Abbot at various temples to reflect the merits to all.

“We cannot make everyone who is suffering to be happy for the rest of their lives, but we can sure put a smile on their faces when we try to make them happy for a minute, an hour or a few days.”