Dear friends,

Congratulations!!! You have visited our website and now, it is time for me to reward you with this simple but powerful DIY Fengshui tip!!

The one dollar coin of Singapore has an Eight Diagram on its sides and it was used by many of my clients as a Positive Energy Enhancer by pasting it on the doorframe of their premises and offices. The Singapore Crest is also a very powerful emblem that can protect us in many ways.

There is a Fengshui Cycle of Nine Periods and each period lasts twenty years. Which means that the Fengshui Cycle changes every 20 years. We are in the Period Eight of the Fengshui cycle from the year 2003 until 2023. Thus, we shall use 8 pieces of One Dollar coins manufactured in the year 2008. While searching for the 2008 coins, also keep 2009 coins so that u can use them when the Period Nine of the Fengshui cycle kicks in by the year 2023.

Once you have 8 pieces of coins, you need to polish the coins with Autosol and wash it before pasting it. Please paste the “Flower” side of the coin with Blu Tack, the “Singapore Crest” will be facing you when you paste it. Align the coins side by side touching one another and paste it either on the doorframe or on top of the doorframe that is inside your house, please don’t paste the coins outside the main door of your house.

Please refer to the photos as reference. Most importantly, you have to check out the testimonies of all those who have benefited because they chose to believe us.

Important Note –

• Please make sure that you select auspicious dates/time that does not conflict the Animal Zodiac Sign of the person who is going to paste the coins. Do not paste the coins without checking the Alamanc or engaging professionals to give you auspicious dates/time.

• Do not attempt to use other coins that are not manufactured in other years, if you can’t find the coins manufactured in the year 2008, then you have to be patient and continuing searching for it. Good things don’t come easy, do not take shortcuts and do it anyhow.

• Please note that pasting of the coins does not guarantee that you will definitely win lottery or become a millionaire overnight. The coins are used for enhancing Positive Energy within the premise and it is not a Sure Win Lottery gimmick.