Helping the Needy

A Tribute To The Kind Donors & Families Who Have Donated

Ong Yeow Ping and family
Chen Li Shiau Casey and family
Tan Kok Keng and family
Fong Kin Mun Kenneth and family
Yee Chung Kong and family
Kong Hong Kin and family
Tan Meng Chain and family
Lee Lawrence and family
Lim Zhi Yang and family
Winson Ko Boon Say and family
Look Kang Yong and family
Hoon Wei Jie and family
Tan Jun Jie and family
Teo Hur Chye, Kenny and family
Goh Yi Shang Teresa and family
Poh Lay Tin and family
Tian Lu Geomancy and Trading

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support in me and as usual, I will donate part of your Fengshui fees paid to me on a half yearly or yearly basis. For this round, it will be for those who engaged my services from Jan to Jun 2009.

Please note that I have donated $1000 to the needy people in Gebchak Gonpa to help them recover from the epidemic. All the names of the donors was attached together with the donation because Wangdrak Rinpoche who is the abbot over at Gebchak Gonpa will receive the name list and use it for chanting/blessing as a way to thank donors for the donation.

We have sent the donation directly to the person who is in charge of helping them. We have full confidence that the donation will reach the people there and used wisely. However, we do not have receipts issued for this donation because it is not done by big organisations. We are helping them on our own accord and we have the right people with direct contacts to help them.