image_001Dear Friends,

I have been helping my clients with the tedious process of selecting residential houses, commercial and industrial properties for the past 26 years. Thus, I am sharing these important factors that will be able to help you to select a good property as much as possible. After getting your targeted premises, you can always engage a Geomancy aka Feng Shui Master for a proper Feng Shui audit to help you build a love nest or to support you with strategic designs to build a strong and successful company.

Purchasing a property is not an easy task nowadays because we are not only looking for a house. We are in fact looking for a home where we can stay and flourish together with our family. With the high price we are paying for the purchase, not to mention subsequent renovation and furnishing costs, we have to be sure that we have selected the best home available in the market.

A house with good Feng Shui will generate positive energy and helping the residents achieve good mental and physical health, happiness and benefit everyone in the long run. It makes you feel like going home everyday, to your love nest and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Having some basic knowledge about Feng Shui during your selection phase is important because we will be able to choose a home. Making crucial decisions upon satisfying basic Feng Shui requirements as well as a good knowledge of the surrounding developments will ensure that you will stay in a good home as well as making a good investment choice.

The same goes for rental or purchase of an industrial or commercial property because we want to generate positive energy within the office and create good vibes to give our customers the utmost confidence and boost sales.

Thus I took the time to write this article to share with everyone who visit our website. Hope that this little effort of mine will help you make the right decision in your house or office selection. Please note that this is a basic guideline and understanding. If you wish to know more details about our professional services, please feel free to contact us to arrange for an obligation free appointment for in-depth discussion.

Checking the Surroundings of the premise

The surroundings of the house are important factors to consider besides focusing on the proximity to amenities. We have to understand that many people do not like to buy properties that are near any hospitals and religious buildings due to superstitious concepts of the olden days.

It is actually not a big issue; however, it would be a wise choice if you can avoid the main door, rooms and windows facing these buildings, especially when you are not intending to stay there forever, because when you intend to sell the premise, other buyers will be concerned about such issues.

The basic rule of the thumb is to select a premise that is of higher floor – the higher you are staying, the lesser you will have to worry about certain Feng Shui related issues. When you buy a premise that is above sixth floor, you will not need to worry that the premise is facing multi-storey car parks, cross-junctions, road bends, hospitals, ponds and swimming pools etc. This also means that when you are buying a premise that is lower than the sixth floor, you have to take note of the issues stated. Cross-junctions and road bends are quite serious “Poison Arrows” known as the “Road Sha” (“路煞”), especially if it is a major road junction.

Ponds and swimming pools are also quite a problem if they are situated at a position that the sunlight reflects upon the surface of the water and shining directly into the premise. This type of “Poison Arrow” is known as “Reflection Sha” (“反光煞”). If you noticed these “Poison Arrows”, it is best to get professional advice before proceeding with the sales transaction.

Many people are also worried that the premise is facing sharp pointed building structures “Knife Sha” (“刀煞”), water tank “Back Stabber Sha” (“小人煞”) and antennas “Centipede Sha” (“蜈蚣煞”) that are “Poison Arrows” pointing directly towards the premise.

Well, we are staying in Singapore and mostly surrounded by high-rise buildings. We do not have to be too worried about these issues; otherwise, we will have problems finding a premise. These are issues that can be resolved by placing Feng Shui items to deflect it, though some of the buildings are so far away that it is not even a concern to us at all.

The next section will discuss more details about the premise – how do we know whether this is the perfect premise for us? Take your time to read and digest all these information because I have consolidated all these from my years of experience, both as a Geomancy aka Fengshui Master as well as a buyer of my own properties.

The “Gut Feelings” about the premise!!

Many people have this “gut feeling” or “sixth sense”. Some are stronger while others are not as strong. However, when we reached the premise that we are going to view, we should start to switch ourselves into a calm state.

Try to avoid rushing around to view too many premises within a short time frame on the same day; worst-case scenario is without taking proper meals before viewing the premises. We will be hungry, short tempered and frustrated; so much so that we will not be able to concentrate in the viewing and will tend to make errors in our decisions.

The most important thing is to remember that you have to tune yourself to the correct mode to view the premises. Try to reach the place earlier and have time to relax yourself, take a look at the surroundings first. Now is the time to ask yourself these questions right from the time that you reached the place until you leave the premise:

• Do you feel good throughout the visit to the premise?
• Is the premise bright or gloomy? This is quite subjective and it depends on whether you are there at what time of the day.
• Any west sun shining into the premise, especially the main door and windows? Please bring along a compass or make use of your handphone if there is a compass function.
• Any “Poison Arrows” directly facing the premise that is of a big concern to you?
• Any door, wall or staircase directly facing the main door?
• Any long and dark aisle?
• Any odd shaped rooms or structures within the premise?
• Any part of premise that gives you an uneasy feeling or goose bumps?
• If you have brought along your child who is below 5 years old, observe whether they cry or do not want to go into the premise or do not want to stay in there for too long or at any certain parts of the premise?
• Lastly, is the selling price of the premise way too low as compared to the average selling price within that area?

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