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Introduction to Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅)

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Throughout my years of practicing Feng Shui and traveling around China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, I realized that Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) is the most ideal auspicious celestial creature to be used to enhance our home and business because it has many functions that suit all our needs.

We have many different kinds of Feng Shui items in the market; however, after getting too many of such items to be placed in our house, it would surely look like a mini temple. My recommendation would be to place a Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) in the Wealth Position within the living room of our house or office instead of using too many other items. Some Feng Shui items tend to clash with one another. If you do not know which is clashing with the other, it will cause unwanted problems rather than do us good.

Tian Lu (天禄) is one of the best Feng Shui items to be placed at home or office to enhance fortune, ward off evil, prevent catastrophes and guard the premises. It is also being carried on the body for personal protection and luck enhancement. Many experienced Feng Shui masters know the effectiveness of the Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) and will highly recommend it to their clients.

Being a celestial being, the Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) has to be “activated” (开光) in order for it to be effective. In the ancient days, it has to be brought to the temple and done by a high priest. You can also approach certain knowledgeable Feng Shui Masters to do the “activation” (开光) too.

An important point to note is that if you think that it will protect you or bring you good luck when you are doing things that can harm others, then you will be very much disappointed.

There is always a concern of placing a pair of Tian Lu (天禄) or just a single piece. In the olden days, there are a lot of versions and stories about Pi Xiu (貔貅), which is also known as Tian Lu (天禄) or Bi Xie (辟邪). Please take some time to read on in order to understand this powerful and mystical celestial being.

History of a Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅)

Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) is one of the celestial beings besides the Dragon (龙), Phoenix (凤), Tortoise (龟) and Qilin (麒麟). According to ancient history, Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) is the Ninth Son of the Dragon and it is an auspicious and powerful celestial creature that brings good fortune. The number “9” is the greatest number in Numerology and also the most powerful. Many countries such as China, Thailand, Tibet, Cambodia and India etc are using this number for its power.

It looks more or less like a Qilin (麒麟) but it is much stronger, stout, has a single long and thick horn, a lion dog like face, hoofs of a horse and wings on both sides of its body plus a big strong tail. This celestial being is a very fierce and powerful creature known to travel through the Heaven and Earth. It can ward off evil, enhance wealth and protect properties.

During the Warring States (三国演义), it was also used as a symbol to boost the loyalty, morale and fighting spirits of the soldiers. It is very loyal and obedient in nature that is known to protect its master with their lives. It has the main characteristics of a Lion and Dog, thus it has the Bravery of a Lion as well as the Loyalty of a Dog.

It is also said to have the power to assist anyone suffering from bad Feng Shui due to having offended the Grand Duke Jupiter/Tai Sui (太岁). Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) is also known as the Emperor’s Treasure (帝宝) because it was used for guarding the fortunes of the emperors in the past. In the olden days, Pi Xiu (貔貅) was devoted as guardian of the fortune and placed in palaces (镇中土) and homes of high officials because of its ability to drive away evil and bring good luck.

Another myth was that the Tian Lu (天禄) has violated the Heavenly Rules and the Jade Emperor punished it by only allowing it to eat the valuables from all directions and never pass it out. Thus its stomach has become a fortune store and nothing will seep out without an anus. It is also known to be the same celestial being which is ridden by the Buddha of Hades (地藏王菩萨).

There has been quite a lot of confusion in the actual name of this mystical creature and whether to select One Piece or One Pair of Tian Lu (天禄) to be placed at home or the office. Let’s go through this section in greater detail so that we can clear the doubts. Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) has different names depending on where it is being sighted and the country of origin.

When you go to China, it is commonly known as a Pi Xiu (貔貅), the Male is known as Pi (貔) while the Female is known as Xiu (貅). However, as generations passed down, there is no longer a difference of sex; instead, it was placed as a single Feng Shui display item. But most sellers of the Pi Xiu (貔貅) in China will still sell it to you as a pair, which is easier to convince a customer by saying that the male goes out to search for wealth and the female stays at home to guard the wealth. In business terms, it will be more profitable to sell a pair rather than one piece.

In Taiwan, the Male is known as a Tian Lu (天禄) and the Female is known as a Bi Xie (辟邪). Tian Lu (天禄) is meant for guarding the house of the living (阳宅) while the Bi Xie (辟邪) is used for guarding of tombs (阴宅). It was also said that many unorthodox “businessmen” would like to use the power of Bi Xie (辟邪) to aid them in their “businesses”. However, it is more advisable to place a Tian Lu (天禄) at home or in your office rather than using a Bi Xie (辟邪). So, we only buy the Tian Lu (天禄), which is One Piece and not a Pair.

Furthermore, having the characteristics of a Lion and Dog means that they are territorial animals and has an Alpha within the pack of Lions or Dogs. If you place a pair of Tian Lu (天禄) that are of the same size, they might fight for the Alpha Position, which will not be good for the home or business.

In this manner, can we place two pieces or more? The answer is yes, but they should not be of the same size if there is only two pieces, one of it should be larger than the other so that there is no need to fight for the Alpha Position. Some of my customers have many pieces at home, they have the biggest one which naturally will be the Alpha.

In Hong Kong, it is known as Bi Yao which lives in the heaven, Bi Xiu lives on earth and Bi Kan lives in the sea. However, all of them have equal power in bringing wealth and protecting their owners.

Tian Lu Pi Xiu Singapore

The Power of a Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅)

1. Once you own a Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅), it will protect you with its life because you are his owner. It is a very powerful fortune and wealth enhancer because it can summon fortune and find helpful person (贵人) for their master.

2. It generates good Feng Shui and can guard your house and family members from evil spirits or catastrophes and also ensures good health to everyone in the house.

3. It will also ward off evil and wicked people (小人/恶人) who intend to harm you or your family. It also helps you through obstacles and hard times in life.

4. It is a symbol of authority and power, thus you will enjoy the same status and influence when you place it at an auspicious position on your office desk.

5. It does not have an anus, so whatever good fortune that it absorbs in will be trapped in the stomach for your use. None of the good fortune will be lost once it is into its stomach.

6. It not only pleases the Grand Duke of Jupiter/Tai Sui (太岁) but also helps you to ward off many different types of Sha Qi (煞气) that are moving around in the Flying Star Chart – 九官飞星

7. You can also carry a pocket size Tian Lu (天禄) with you for protection, especially when you work in places with negative energies, have frequent traveling or going for business talks.

Selecting Good Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅)

A good Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) should have a strong horn, a big backside as well as a stout and strong body. The eyes should be sharp and full of life, the body is standing at a fighting stance, always ready and alert to protect its owner. It comes in many designs and patterns, whatever it is, as long as you like the particular one at first sight, then it is your destiny to own it. We should not select it based on our Five Elements as it is too small to be of any effect to boost whatever that is lacking in the elements.

Tian Lu (天禄) comes in many forms and types. In the ancient days, bronze and jade are considered precious materials, thus there are some which are made from these materials, while other types of materials such as wood, stone or porcelain are also used. Jade is the best recommended material because of its natural ability to ward off evil prevent catastrophe, absorb fortune and increase health by neutralizing the negative energy around or within you and also generate a positive Energy (磁场) for protecting the internal organs of the person who wears it or when we place a bigger one at home. Thus, getting a Tian Lu (天禄) made of jade will greatly increase its power to serve you better than other kinds of natural minerals stones.

Once you got a jade or natural mineral stone Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) for yourself, do not put it in your house or office immediately. Do not forget that jade and some natural mineral stones by nature can and will absorb both positive and negative energy from the environment and other people touching it. The negative energy might harm you if you do not cleanse it properly and it will not protect you because you are not its recognized owner. It is necessary to cleanse it and only take over after getting rid of the negative energy.

Tips For Placing a Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) At Home Or In The Office

If you are doing the placement DIY, then best place is to place the Tian Lu (天禄) in your living room facing the main door or window. This is because it will protect your family by warding off all the Evil or Bad Sha Qi trying to come into your house. Not forgetting that it will be the first one to absorb all the positive energy and good fortune to make sure that it does not escape somewhere else and keep it for the owner’s use. It is a good practice to stroke your Tian Lu (天禄) once in a while and talk to it to ask for good fortune and protection. For offices, you can place a Tian Lu (天禄) on your desk or in a cabinet facing the main door or your office door. It gives a sense of authority and your clients will be unconsciously obliged to listen to you and you will be in a position that allows you to call the shots. It is good to touch your Tian Lu (天禄) once in a while, talk to it, tell it that you are going for important appointments or traveling abroad and ask it to protect/help you.

You can also invite us to your premises to find a good Wealth Spot (财位) for a nominal fee when you buy a Tian Lu (天禄) from outside. If you buy the Tian Lu (天禄) from us, we will provide this service free Of charge, you only need to give us a red packet of $39 on the day that we bring the Tian Lu (天禄) to place at your premises. Please feel free to contact us for an Obligation Free discussion.

Stories and Personal Encounters

I have a best friend whose wife is an air stewardess; she flies frequently and always exposed to danger. She has been carrying a small jade Tian Lu (天禄) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) in her pocket since the day she got to know its function. Once after a flight went into the air pocket and caused some passengers to be injured, she realized that her Tian Lu (天禄) broke into 2 pieces. Well, my explanation to her was, at least you are still around to complain to me. Finally, she understood that it was the Tian Lu (天禄) that protected her from some unseen catastrophe.

My best friend’s Tian Lu (天禄) also cracked recently as he is working on a construction site. The nature of his job already spells the dangers involved. Till today, they are still my best friends and all they need to do was to replace their broken Tian Lu (天禄) and they will be safe and sound, living happily ever after.

My personal pocket size Tian Lu (天禄) also had hair line cracks all the way from the legs to the body and ending at the mouth. Although I never use it anymore, I used to bring it around in my bag to show my clients to tell them the power of a Tian Lu (天禄) in being your personal protector.

Additional Information For Pleasure Reading

The legendary Dragon has nine sons and each has a strong personality. There are no general agreement as to what the Dragon’s sons are called, however, all the carvings of these mythical creatures that can be found on ancient temples, relics and buildings.

The names and description provided is one of the most commonly said names and descriptions of these mystical creatures:
1. The first son is called Bi Xi (贔屭), is the most powerful and looks like a giant land turtle, normally carved on stone base of tablets.
赑屭/屃 (bi xi):形似龟,好负重。一般在各地的宫殿、祠堂、陵墓中均可见到其背负石碑的样子。在龙子的各类说法中赑屃一般都排在九子之首

2. The second son is called Li Wen (螭吻), looks like a beast, and is always found on the roof because it likes to look at all directions.
螭吻 (li wen):喜欢东张西望,经常被安排在建筑物的屋脊上,做张口吞脊状,并有一剑以固定之。

3. The third son is called Pu Lao (蒲牢), looks like a small dragon, and likes music and also likes to roar – thus it is a common decoration found on the bridge of stringed Chinese musical instruments and bells or gongs.
蒲牢 (pu lao):有摇滚气质,爱好音乐,也爱吼叫。古代乐器编钟顶上就用它来装饰,寺庙大钟上的钟钮上也可见到他的身影。

4. The fourth son is called Bi An (狴犴), looks like a tiger, and is so powerful that it can be found in some ancient prisons in China.
狴犴 (bi an):掌管刑狱。常被装饰在死囚牢的门楣上,因其形状似虎,所以民间又有虎头牢的说法。

5. The fifth son is called Tao Tie (饕餮), loves to eat, and is always found on ancient bronze.
饕餮 (tao tie):美食主义者,性贪吃。夏商时期出土的青铜器上经常可见饕餮纹,为有首无身的狰狞怪兽。

6. The sixth son is called Suan Ni (狻猊), has the thinkings and values of Buddhism and likes places that are with incense smoke, thus it is frequently seen carved on the legs of incense burners. It is the celestial animal as seen ridden by Wen Shu Pu Sa.
狻猊 (suan ni):身有佛性,喜好香火,在香炉盖上可见。而且狻猊还是文殊菩萨的座骑。

7. The seventh son is called yaizi (睚眥) has a violent nature and likes to kill. Often found carved on sword or knife hilts because of its violent nature.
睚眦 (ya zi):性情凶残易怒,喜欢争杀/杀气。民间成语“睚眦必报”所讲即为此物。通常在一些武器的柄上或是尾端的环上可以见其雕像。

8. The eighth son is called Jia Tu (椒图) and looks like a Snail Clam and has a mild nature. Normally found on ancient doors as a door knock and also to keep thieves away.
椒图 (jia tu):形似螺蚌,性情温顺自闭。所以将他安排在门上衔着门环,免得小偷光顾。

9. The ninth son is called Pi Xiu (貔貅) and has a big mouth to eat fortunes and wicked persons. It does not have an anus, so whatever it eats, it will not escape out.
貔貅 (pi xiu):在南方及东南亚一带都称其为龙的第九子,大嘴无肛,只进不出,专吃钱财和恶人心肝,乃姜子牙的坐骑,招财辟邪。其中在翡翠雕刻里面貔貅是最受欢迎的,广被民间流传,预示财源滚进。

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