Mission, Vision and Values

TianLu Fengshui Mission and Vision


Our Vision is to be the leading Feng Shui consultancy that empowers our clients in enhancing their positive energies and mentoring them on their Life Journeys to success, while also helping couples to create harmonious Love Nests that enhance Family Wealth.


Our Mission is to inspire individuals, couples, families, and businesses to achieve their fullest potential by leveraging on the crucial principles of Fengshui to optimise positive energies in their environments in order to enhance their personal and professional lives.

We strive to constantly align with our clients’ goals, values, and aspirations in order to foster their long-term success, happiness, health and wealth through sound mentoring and effective Fengshui advisories.


Transcendent – We believe in pushing boundaries, and transcending conventional thinking to create extraordinary outcomes and profound experiences for our clients.

Integrity – We strive to uphold the highest ethical standards, treating our clients and employees with honesty and respect.

Abundance – We are committed to helping our clients attract abundance and prosperity by optimising the energy flows in their homes, businesses and within themselves.

Natural – We embrace sustainability by incorporating natural elements to promote positive energies, balance and harmony.

Love – We aim to create love nests that foster communication, intimacy, and closeness to help build strong loving relationships and connections between couples.

Unity – We prioritise fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration among our employees, clients, and partners to achieve shared goals.

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