Dear all,

We are proud to announce our Tianlu Geomancy VIP Membership Promotion specially catered for our Loyal Customers as well as new ones too!!!

Here are the Super Benefits of becoming our VIP Member.

1. The basic requirement to initiate this VIP Membership Account is to Top Up a minimum sum of $300. Receipt of Prove will be issued accordingly.

2. We will pump in an additional 25% Cash Credit Line to whatever amount that you have Top Up into this Account.

3. For example, if you deposit the minimum sum of $300, we will give you additional $75 Credit Line, which is amounted to $375 Cash Credit for your purchase of our Fengshui Services and Products.

4. Once you have selected your items, you can use the total available amount to redeem for the items. Any remaining amount after your purchase will be stored in our system for future purchases.

5. Another Perk will be activated when you start to purchase our Products or Services, we will initiate a Cash Back amount of between 1% to 3% based on the amount used and this Cash Back amount can only be used for your subsequent purchases.

6. This Special Credit Line of 25% will be valid from 01/03/2022 to 31/05/2022. The Credit Line will be adjusted to 20% from 01/06/2022 onwards.

7. There will be no maximum amount that you can deposit with us. Subjected to your current or future needs for our Products and Services.

Joining our VIP Membership is very simple, we will only register your Full Name, Handphone Number and Email Address as our Membership Details that will be used for any future transactions.

Please contact my staff Mr Tan Beng Beng at 98733239 for a detailed discussion or to sign up with immediate effect. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Thank you so much and best regards.