Whether you are keeping Arowanas, Luo Hans or even just a few gold fishes. You should know where to place the tanks in your house to optimize its Feng Shui potentials to your benefits.

Fish tanks should not be placed on the Southern Walls of your house because it represents Fire on the South. Tanks should be placed on the Northern sector of the house as it represents Water on the North. This Sector also represents your Career Luck position which will also be activated and put to good use when you place your fish tanks there.

Fish tanks, especially Feng Shui fishes, should be placed in the Eastern Sector of the house to boost up the Qi there, this is because the Eastern Sector represents the Green Dragon Wei 青龍位of the house and it should be stronger than the White Tiger Wei 白虎位which is on the Western Sector. That is more the reason you should not place your tanks on the Western Sector, keep this sector as calm and quiet as possible. This Sector, when strengthened, will also generate good family luck and peacefulness in the family.

You can also place the fish tank at the South East Sector or the Sheng Qi 生气 location according to your Ba Zi 八字calculated Feng Shui Directions too. This will activate wealth luck within your house to tap on the ultimate wealth luck in enhancing your career, windfall luck and more sources of income coming your way.