Keeping Money at Home during Li Chun 立春


Dgod-of-fortuneear friends!!

Congratulations once again if you are reading this article now!!! It is time to bring in Wealth to your own home soon!!!

Since a few years back, there is this craze about depositing money into our bank accounts during Li Chun 立春. This is the time that everyone goes and queue up at the bank or Cash Deposit machines to deposit their money. How did you feel when everyone is stuck in long queues, pushing and shuffling while feeling hot, sweaty and frustrated? Some of us even have to take annual leave or time off to queue. In some worst case scenarios, some people get into heated arguments and even fights.

At the end of the day, we are depositing money into the bank. Of course we will say that we deposit it into our own bank account name. But the money is in the bank, which does not belong to you and the money is not physically with you too. Have you heard of these words before. “The best thing is to have money in our own pockets”?

Now, let me share something with you and you can do it if you find that it is comfortable and logical. What would we think if we could keep the money into our own house? Does it make more sense if we do so?

money-chequeThe most important reason for us to keep money on Li Chun 立春 is because we want to have abundance of Wealth with us throughout the entire year. In the olden days, our money was kept in our own house. This is the place where the money should be at, instead of placing it in a bank. In this way, our wealth is contained in our own house and we will have a prosperous Lunar New Year every year!!!

Having said this, we do not expect ourselves to withdraw every last dollar from our bank account to be placed in the house. We can withdraw a certain amount comfortable for us to keep it at home. Since many of us are changing new dollar notes for Red Packet (Ang Bao) distribution during Lunar New Year, we can change the new bank notes and place it in our house.


The money should be placed in the “Wealth Spot” “财位” of our bedroom, inside our safe, own piggy bank or locked drawer. The wealth is deposited and stays in our house for the New Year!!! We can keep the money in the house until after Li Chun 立春 and nearer to Lunar New Year, when we are preparing to use certain parts of the money for red packets (ang bao). After the Lunar New Year is over, then we transfer back certain portions of the Li Chun 立春 back into the bank.

Wishing all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! 興旺蕟啊!