Chinese New Year Preparation For Family Peace & Wealth Throughout The Year

春饭 “Choon Rice”image_051

The main purpose of placing 春饭 “Choon Rice” is to have abundance of rice to eat, symbolizing having peace and family wealth throughout the year.

What you need to buy:

一枝春花 – 1 stalk of Spring Flower
十二立红枣 – 12 Dried Dates with seeds
一碗团圆饭 – One bowl of rice
十二个两角钱 – 12 pieces 20 Cents Coins

Scoop a small bowl of rice and fill it up full. Insert 12 pieces of 20cts coins halfway into the rice all round the side of the bowl. Place 12 Dried Red Dates (those with seeds in it) in front of the coins. Put the 春花in the center of the rice.

Leave the bowl in a corner of the kitchen and dispose the rice and the Red Dates 4 or 5 days after New Year. Keep 2 coins each in a Red Packet for you to keep in your wallet or drawer. The rest of the money can be used to buy some sweets to eat.

发糕 “Huat Kueh” of course to “Huat” throughout the year!!!

What you need to buy:
image_053-150x150一枝春花 – 1 stalk of Spring Flower
一个小发糕 – 1 Huat Kueh

Put the 春花in the center of the Huat Kueh. Place it at the kitchen together with the 春饭 rice for the same amount of days too.