Auspicious Items Hung Behind Your Front Door To Usher In Good Luck
年年有钱算, 天天好彩头

image_054The following are auspicious items that you will need to hang behind your front door to usher in good luck and fortunes for the Chinese New Year.

What you need to buy:

  1. 两棵有根的大头蒜 – Two stems of “Suan” with Big Head (the bigger the better)
  2. 两棵有叶的红萝卜 – Two sticks of Red Carrots with leaves attached (White Carrots with leaves attached and dyed in red may be used as an alternative if red carrots are not available.)
  3. Red Paper
  4. Red Strings
  5. Two small bells


  1. Wrap the Red Paper on the pairs of “Suan” and Red Carrots.
  2. Tie the Red Strings in such a manner that it is slanted to one side.
  3. Attach a small bell to each of the pairs.
  4. Hang it up on the Eve of Chinese New Year, before or after Reunion Dinner.
  5. Say – Soon Soon Li Li Huat ah!!! 顺顺利利, 发!
  6. Keep it there until near the next Chinese New Year, then you remove it and prepare for new ones to be hung.
  7. Don’t worry, there will not be any rotten or foul smell.

Reasons for placing such auspicious items behind the main door:

  1. 大头蒜 – The whole year got money to count
  2. 红萝卜 – The whole year filled with auspicious luck
  3. Bell – To activate and keep active these two items every time you open or close the door.

Please take note of the weight of the above items and select the proper fixtures to hang the auspicious items.