First of all, the fish must be active, aggressive, alert and able to follow your fingers when you play with it in front of the tank. We should buy a fish according to the chemistry between the fish and the buyer rather than what type of fish it is supposed to be.



Followed closely by its colours, the more redness on the Luo Han 罗汉, the better. This is because the Chinese believe that Red is an auspicious colour for auspicious events, for example, red packets (红包) issued during Chinese New Year for good luck – Hong Yun Dang Tou 鸿运当头, Hong Fu Qi Tian 洪福齐天 –and also issued on other auspicious events such as travelling overseas to tour, work or study, marriages and birthdays. Red colour represents warding off evil – Bi Xie Dang Zai 辟邪挡灾.

Kamfa – Mandarin word is Jin Hua金花 – Jin Yu Man Tang 金玉滿堂, Hua Kai Fu Kwee 花開富贵. Yellow colour on certain Lou Han represents Power, Knowledge, Gold.



Also, the nuchal hump on its forehead must be big and round. This represents Prosperity, Longevity and Wealth. The body of the fish must be thick and squarish to represent the strong earth element and stability. The Nuchal hump on the head also represents a symbol of authority (Jiang Jun Lin 將軍令), longevity (Fu Ru Dong Hai 福如東海) and represents the mountain (Shou Bi Nan Shan 寿比南山), improvement in career and business luck (Bu Bu Gao Sheng 步步高升).


Selecting of fishes to balance the Five Elements of your Life Luck according to your Ba Zi Calculation

All of us were born in a different year, day, month and time, each represented with a set of characters that defines the Life Luck 运呈 of a person. The set of characters are known as the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch, which will map out the Five Elements of a person. The Five Elements are Metal金, Wood木, Water水, Fire火 and Earth土.

Everyone has a unique set of Five Elements and most of the time, it might not be balance. Thus, using the concept of the fish tank and fish to enhance the Five Elements will be a good alternative of achieving a balance of the elements and keeping the best fish that can aid you in your Life Luck. We are able to use this concept to help you find out the Five Elements 五行 by reading your Ba Zi and advising you on what are the types of aquarium and fishes to buy. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment if you wish to find out your Five Elements based on your personal Ba Zi 八字 calculation.


Using the Five Elements to balance your Life Luck at home

Metal Element – Wrought Iron, Metal stand for fish tank, Kamfa or Malau with lots of sparkles喷点

Wood Element – Cabinet tank, Driftwood, Green Texas breed

Water Element – The water in the tank is good enough, water can be used to activate the Qi 气/ Wealth Spot of your house

Fire Element – The aquarium lighting (pink colour tube is the best for wealth, Fire Element and for the fish too) Red Dragon or Kamfa, Malau, Super Red Sync or Red Texas

Earth Element – Flowerhorn is already an Earth Element, adding stones, pebbles etc will help to enhance Earth Element

The alertness and aggressiveness – Protects the family and chasing away bad luck and evil

Lastly, the Flower markings on both sides of the body must be black and distinct so that you can one day “see” its lucky numbers and strike windfall luck too. There are some flowerhorns which are known as “Free Marking” and they do not have many black markings on their bodies. However, the markings are being replaced by many wormy stripes or lines known as Pen Dian 喷点. Sparkles 喷点 on the body represent sparkles from Gems and Precious Stones, Gold and Silver.

Sometimes, numbers might also appear on these linings and if you are lucky or observant enough, you might just see the lucky numbers and strike some lottery from it. We know of many people who had struck lottery a few times from observing the numbers on its body and some won Mahjong games on the very day they brought their Luo Hans home. There are also people whom we know that “talk” to the Luo Hans and ask for good luck, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that some actually struck lottery and came back to buy the fish home, or reward their fishes that they already owned with a sumptuous meal upon striking lottery.