image_062The Arowana – scientific name Scleropages Formosus – is also known as the Dragon Fish because of its slim body, graceful swimming, distinct dragon-like barbels and large shiny scales that resemble the powerful and mythical dragon.

In the wild, Arowanas are also known to be able to jump or “fly” very high above the water surface to catch its prey that is flying near water surfaces. Its power and strength is a great symbol of a dragon, thus many people believe that having an Arowana is like having a dragon to help them boost their business and personal luck.

Chinese people believe that the Arowana is the reincarnation of the dragon. They believe that if an Arowana is well kept and taken care of, it will bring the owner good luck and fortune. The Dragon is an auspicious Yang (陽) creature that signifies supremacy, prosperity, wealth, strength and power. It is also believed that a dragon can protect the owner and his family by driving away evil spirits and bad luck.

It is also often a “symbol of status” to own an Arowana because it is a rare and exotic pet that comes with a big price tag. Arowanas were once upon a time the exotic pets for the rich and famous.