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We are consolidating the sales of all our Infinity Knots into this video for easy reference.

Small Light Green Jade Infinity Knot 玉如意结
– $38 before GST
The original selling price will be $58 before GST after Lunar New Year 2022.

Dark Green Jade Infinity Knot 玉如意结
– $68 before GST

Light Green Jade Infinity Knot 玉如意结
– $108 before GST

Pink Crystal 粉红水晶如意结
– $88 before GST

It can be placed on the wall at the end of the bed, hung behind the TV, Living Room, Wealth Spot, Study Desk, Office Desk, windows or inside the car.

We will stop selling all these Infinity Knots on FB after Lunar New Year 2022 and keep it for our Fengshui Customers.

Please call or text us to place orders for the Infinity Knot, first come first serve and while stocks last.

Annie Chong : 8668 3032
Beng Beng : 9873 3239

Thanks so much for all the trust and support!!!

The main function of using this mystical Infinity Knot is to enhance personal and family harmony, blessing the family with good Health and a smoother path in life.

The Shrivatsa or better known as the Infinity Knot is one of the “Eight Auspicious signs (吉祥八宝)” symbolising the Noble Eight-Fold Path of Buddha’s teachings. It also symbolise the Heart of the Buddha.

This knot actually combines two Swastika 卍 to form this symbol.

The formation of this knot has no beginning and ending, thus creating an Infinity Loop. It is a symbol for eternity and unity. The word Swastika comes from Sanskrit: स्वस्तिक, romanized: svastika, meaning “conducive to well-being”.

This knot is also known as the Dragon Knot because it is believed to have evolved over time from images of the mystical Naga aka Dragon.

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