The Flower Horn or Hua Luo Han 花罗汉 has taken over as the Feng Shui fish for present Period of 8 (beginning in 2004 and will end in 2023), just as the Arowana had been dubbed the Feng Shui fish for the Period of 7 (which began in 1984 and ended in 2003). It will bring its owner lots of prosperity luck and good fortune in everything ranging from wealth and fame to love and happiness.

The Kua for Period 8 is “Gen” 艮 which symbolizes the mountain and the earth element. The Luo Han’s 罗汉 most important distinguishing feature – its nuchal hump that protrudes from its forehead which is actually the excess amount of proteins congregating at the forehead – represents Wealth, Longevity and also the strong mountainous force. This fleshy hump combined with its muscular bulk contributes to its overall squarish profile, which represents the earth element.



Luo Hans also have the ability to protect the house and family members from harm and evil because they produce positive and strong Yang (陽) energy. The redness on its body, the strength, alertness and aggressiveness makes it a very Yang (陽) fish.



Lou Hans are fishes that can interact with their owners and are willing to protect the house from any evil or catastrophes. Real hobbyists and fish lovers will even stretch their hands into the tank and play with the Luo Han, which behaves just like a little puppy.

Another distinctive trait of the Luo Han 罗汉 would be its Flowery black markings on both sides of its body. These side markings are said to resemble numbers, Chinese characters or even Arabic wordings. Well-developed adult fish with exceptional markings can be sold for thousands of dollars in the early days when they were so popular.

The Arowana is still a good Feng Shui fish although it was at its peak during Period 7 and holds a strong position among the hobbyist now. Thus, it is good to have both types of fishes at home and best to keep them in separate tanks. For those who intend to mix Flowerhorns with Arowanas, you have to take note that both are territorial fishes and they might fight if placed together. Thus, the proper selection of the size of the fishes, introduction of these fishes into the same tank and close monitoring will be the best, if you do not want either fish to suffer severe injuries.