Helping the Needy

A Tribute To The Kind Donors & Families Who Have Donated

Chan Wai Mun Terrence & Family
Low Lek Howe & Family
Lim Meng Sim & Family
Yee Kok Wah Lawrence & Family
Lee Kai Kok & Family
Victor Ong Soon Lee & Family
Koh Kim Song & Family
Tan Hwee Keng & Family
Tng Tai Mong & Family
Kwan Wai Kiat & Family
Goh Howe Song Patrick & Family
Jonathan Tan Hong Wei & Family
Ong Cheng Hock Ronner & Family
Koh Kwang Yong & Family
Chen Shien Ngoh & Family
Lee Meng Chiew Lewis & Family
Sng Lai Peng Dennis & Family
Wee Wei Ann Alvin & Family
Dennis Tay Sing Guan & Family
Kwang Kok Yong John & Family
Elvin Tan Thuan Cheng & Family