Most of the time, we select the colour of the arowana based on the individual’s Five Elements and his Life as stated in the Ba Zi calculation. Those who lack any of the elements can choose their arowanas according to the colour to enhance their lack in the particular element.

The main colours of an arowana matched to the Five Elements are as follows:

Red Arowana (Fire Element)

Red Arowana is the high end species because it has a very good red colour with golden scales on its body when fully grown and it is very rare because their eggs spawned each time is lesser compared to the other arowanas. The Red Arowanas are classified as endangered species.

In the wild, they are mostly found at the upper part of the river, most of the time nearer to caves or deeper / darker water and because of this, their red colours are very intense. They are also more difficult to catch and reproduce in captivity.

Thus, most Red Arowanas are kept in dark tanks with the sides and back of the tank pasted with black Oyama stickers. Black water or Ketepang leaves are used to make the water darker so that the Red Arowana will be at its natural environment and develop its full red potential.

Red Arowana generates more Yang (陽) energy and they can give their owners wealth and keep the business running at full force.

However, those who already has too much Yang (陽) energy or Fire Element should not keep Red Arowanas because too much Yang is not good for them. There should be a good balance of the Five Elements and too much of either one will produce adverse effects.

Golden Arowana (Metal Element)

Golden Arowana are also the high end species, especially Crossbacks. Their golden shines on the scales are very nice and it really looks like a swimming gold plate if seen from far. Most Golden Arowanas are kept in brighter tanks with the side of the tanks pasted with Blue or White Oyama stickers. Black water and Ketepang leaves are also added to reduce the stress of the fish and also to create a more natural environment.

Golden Arowana in the wild are mostly found at the middle of the river and unlike its cousin the Red Arowana which is found at the higher part of the river. Thus Golden Arowanas has lesser red colour and more gold colour. The water is much clearer and not as deep. Golden Arowanas are also classified as endangered species.

Golden Arowana also generates Yang (陽) energy and they are known to bring good luck and peace to your house with its positive energy and protect your family from harm and evil.

Green Arowana (Wood Element)

Green Arowana is one of the normal species because they are easier to breed and the colour on their bodies are not as striking as compared to the Red and Gold Arowanas. There is also not much of gold rims on its scales.

Those who have too much Yang (陽) should avoid keeping Red and Golden Arowanas. Green will be good because it generates more Yin (陰) thus balancing your Yang(陽) as well.

Silver Arowana (Metal Element)

Silver Arowana is a good protector for your house from bad luck, evil persons as well as protect your house. Some people believe that it can protect your family, bring good luck and health. Some Silver Arowana have red dots on their scales when they grow bigger and this will create another Fire Element and generate Yang (陽) energy. Anyone who lacks Earth and Fire elements but do not wish to invest too much on either a Red or Golden can consider a Silver as well.

Black Arowana (Water Element)

Black Arowana look very much like its cousin, the Black Arrowana. There are minority that believe that Black Arowanas are inauspicious because of the black colour, but it is up to the individuals to believe. Black Arowanas will lose their black colour and change to silver grey when they grow up, so there is not much of a difference between Silver and Black Arowanas except that Black is of a darker grey.

Those who have too much Yang (陽) should avoid keeping Red and Golden Arowanas. Black will be good because it generates more Yin (陰) thus balancing your Yang (陽) as well.

Pearl Arowana (Earth Element)

Pearl Arowanas are mostly from Australia and they are very easy to take care. They are slightly special because they have two elements on their bodies. The pearls represent Earth element while the red dots on its body represents Fire element.

As the saying goes, Fire will construct Earth and Earth will construct Metal. Thus those who are weak in any of the three elements can consider getting a Pearl Arowana. They also generate Yang (陽) energy and protect the family from evil too.