Flying Dragon with Dancing Phoenix

Flying Dragon with Dancing Phoenix (龍飞鳳舞)

Arowanas and its Feng Shui tank mates.

Arowana can be kept together with other ornamental fish to enhance good luck and prosperity to the business and home. The other objective of these tank mates is to eat up the leftovers that the Arowana does not eat. Arowanas are choosy eaters and they only eat food that is at the water surface; anything that sinks to the bottom will not be consumed by them unless they are very hungry.

The most ideal Arowana tank combination should consist of at least a Dragon 天龍, Tiger 地虎 and Phoenix 飛鳳. The surface-swimming Arowana 龍鱼 represents the dragon dancing in the sky and the bottom-swimming Tiger Siamese/Indonesia (泰國/印尼虎) represents the Earth’s most powerful guardian.

image_065In Feng Shui terms, the Green Dragon is always the supreme over the White Tiger. This combination will also create the advantage of the Arowana swimming on top of the Tiger. In this way, both the power of the Green Dragon 青龍 and the White Tiger 白虎 is fully made use to its owner’s advantages.

Please note that the Tiger must not be bigger than the Arowana or be more aggressive. If that is the case, do replace the Tiger with a smaller one.

image_066The surface-swimming Arowana 龍鱼 also represents the celestial dragon controlling the peaceful sky while the center-swimming Phoenix (飛鳳) represents gracefulness of the flying phoenix.

This combination will give you full control of your situation to ensure success and peace in the things that you do. This combination can also be used to create peace and harmony for newly-weds in the family.