Wedding Date Selection Service

We only provide up to 3 Months of auspicious dates for Wedding or ROM per payment of $38 or $108 (Package Fees), so you need to be very sure which particular month of the year that you want to hold your Customary Wedding. State whether you strictly want weekend dates only or Fridays and other weekdays also ok.

Please check with both side parents and elders to confirm to hold the Customary Wedding in any particular Lunar months or which particular Lunar months are to be avoided. In any case that you cannot proceed with the given dates of 3 months, you will need to top up another $38 for selection of another up to 3 months of auspicious dates. The 3 months of dates can be split apart, for example June, September and November or Lunar 8th Month, 10th Month and 12th Month.

Individual Auspicious Date Selection fees is as follow:-

$38 – ROM – Maximum 3 months of dates per selection fees.
$38 – Customary Wedding – Maximum 3 months of dates per selection fees.
$28 – Guo Da Li – After confirmation of Customary Wedding Date with Restaurant.
$28 – An Chuang – After confirmation of Customary Wedding Date with Restaurant.

The Special Promotion Package is at a discounted fee of $108 before GST for four different kinds of date selections.

Full Payment will be collected once you confirm engaging our services. Payment mode is by bank transfer or cash and we will only start with the name selection upon receiving the fees in full payment. The Lead Time is a minimum of 7 working days to complete the name selection.

Any last minute or urgent request for immediate response or within the next day will require a additional top up of $200 and also subjected to availability.

Please feel free to contact us at 65702028 in advance if you need to arrange for a session to meet up for further explanation.

Please fill up the form below with all the necessary information and we will follow up with you.

Please provide your Email address for us to send you the dates/time and Contact number of the Bride or Groom and state clearly whose contact number it belongs to.

** Note that the Time Of Birth is not necessary for Customary Wedding date selection, we do not give others our Full Set of Ba Zi (Date and Time of Birth) unless we really need to see our Ba Zi (Personal Life Reading), Name Selection Service or Fengshui Audit of the house.

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