Ba Zi Selection of Premises

This Service is to help you select a premise that is suitable for your own use or for investment.

Please provide the following for Yourself, your Spouse and/or Business Partner:-

1. Chinese and English Name
2. English Calendar date and time of birth
3. Contact Number
4. Email Address


New Premises – Based on Floor Plan

Please note that this is done on a Per Trip Basis, meaning that $168 is for selection of up to a maximum of 3 Premises Per Trip. The distance between the maximum of 3 Premises shall not be more than 10 minutes drive away from one another. There is no limitation for any House Types or Room Types, meaning that is can be any mixture of premises as long as the distance is within 10 mins and up to a maximum of 3 Premises Per Trip.

Selection of premises based on On Site visit means that the property is most likely a Re-sale Property or already TOP. We can see the physical unit and understand the flow of the energy within and around the premises. Thus we can give you an accurate assessment of the property after completing the visit.

Most of the time, our customers will proceed to view as many units as they like and once they found a few suitable units, they will require us to go together with them for a second viewing before they decide whether to exercise the OTP.

After we have gone through the selection phase, you will know which are the choice units that are suitable for you and will proceed to decide which unit to purchase. We will only go through the selection of the best units according to your Ba Zi and we will not be discussing about detailed Fengshui placement in the premises. Once the premise is ready for takeover, then we will follow up with all the Fengshui plannings and placements etc, if you decided to engage our Fengshui Audit services.

Full Payment will be collected once you confirm engaging our services. Payment mode is by bank transfer or cash and we will only calculate and prepare your Ba Zi upon receiving the fees in full payment. The Lead Time is a minimum of 7 working days for New Project Selection and minimum 3 days advance notice for On Site Selection.

Any last minute or urgent request for immediate response or within the next day will require a additional top up of $200 and also subjected to availability.

Please feel free to contact us at 65702028 in advance if you need to arrange for a session to meet up for further explanation.

Thank you and best regards.

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