Ba Zi Personal Life Reading

Please provide the following:-

1. Chinese and English Name
2. English Calendar date and time of birth
3. Contact Number

This is a Personal Session that might involve discussion of certain Private Matters; do not bring anyone whom you do not want them to know about your personal life. You have all the rights of not allowing any other persons to sit in and listen to your Ba Zi Reading.

The session will be about an hour per person for normal Ba Zi. Those with complicated Ba Zi might need more time. During the session, we will be going through in-depth discussions to work on what is lacking, needs to be polished and what can be done to strengthen the person’s life for a better future.

Try to take your meals before coming for the appointment and make sure that you cater sufficient time for the session, so that we can go through the session in details without rushing through. Lastly, try to avoid bringing young children because they might cause distraction during the session.

Full Payment will be collected once you confirm engaging our services. Payment mode is by bank transfer or cash and we will only start with the name selection upon receiving the fees in full payment. The Lead Time is a minimum of 7 working days to complete the name selection.

Any last minute or urgent request for immediate response or within the next day will require a additional top up of $200 and also subjected to availability.

Please note that we WILL NOT help any customers to see another person’s Ba Zi without the person’s consent and the person must be present during the session, otherwise, we shall not disclose any personal information, regardless the relationship. The only exception will be for the purpose of Baby Naming.

Please feel free to contact us at 65702028 or email us at in advance if you need to arrange for a session to meet up for further explanation.

We can arrange for a discussion session at our office situated at 11 Woodlands Close, #10-14, S737853. Building Name – Woodlands 11. Please note that we are only available by appointment, so please call or email us in advance to book a slot with us.

Thank you and best regards.

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